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A sample corporate event day

Here is my time line:
10:00 AM – MC Arrives for set up with speakers, music, microphone, projector, and screen
11:20 – Employees start to take their seats (background music plays)
11:30 – MC welcomes everyone and goes over the schedule of events. (If there are additional talking points as to the “why” please give those to me)
11:35 – First game – Name that TV Theme song (Easy game to warm up the crowd, contestants are seated anyone can play
11:45 – Will-of 4-Chine (Wheel of Fortune like game, 4 contestants –
11:55 – Third game – Say Anything ( 4 to 6 contestants but I give contestants subjects like Disney Movies, Sports, School Lunch, etc.
12:05 – Explain the remaining schedule and release for lunch
12:20 – Start improv show
1:00 – Break
1:15 – Laugh and Learn Training.
2:15 – Break
2:30 – Last hour of Laugh and Learn
3:30 – MC introduces corporate team
4:00 – Last game Survivor (8 contestants)
4:20 – Grand Prize winner announced
4:30 – Good night!

To Fix a Chronic Problem, Try Winging It


try winging it

By: Michael Lipson

Problems at work take many forms, but they are alike in one way: they tend to be repetitive.  No one complains because their boss was angry one time or a colleague failed to pitch in once. Almost all the offenders who come to the attention of HR are repeat offenders. And boring meetings tend to be boring in the same way week after week…

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Tackling Productivity In The Building Industry

The U.S. building industry is under increasing pressure to deliver high-performance buildings to meet the needs of owners, occupants, and the government. Owners and contractors are looking for opportunities to improve certainty in schedule, performance, and cost while managing risks. At the same time, there is an increasing concern from multiple segments of the industry on the availability of a skilled workforce, as well as the productivity of the buildings workforce today and into the future.

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